SmartTerm offers free online classes during coronavirus pandemic

As parents grapple with the new duty of having to home school their children due to the coronavirus pandemic, SmartTerm wants to make this demanding task easier.

SmartTerm gives educators the ability to create an online learning environment similar to that of the physical school or classroom and gives them governance and control over the process.

Here, teachers can manage students, take attendance, manage assignments, share content, and converse via video web sessions. All of this can happen while adhering to the curriculum set forth by the Ministry of Education.

Students and teachers will have access to E-Testing, E-Books, Online Videos, and an Application Store that can house quick links to multiple content providers to keep the students engaged.

And for the remainder of the school year, new schools, and teachers can access the website free of cost.

Founder and CEO of SmartTerm, Shamir Saddler

Founder and CEO, Shamir Saddler told BUZZ that SmartTerm’s mission is to digitize schools throughout the Caribbean while making learning fun.

“By bringing technology to schools we will make learning in the classroom fun and engaging, and by using machine learning we will help use data to create an environment for personalized learning,” he said.

Adding that SmartTerm is currently being utilized in 13 Caribbean countries which include; Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados.

“Since the COVID-19 Virus we’ve had over 100 schools reach out to us to go online,” he said.

Saddler said the response to the platform has been great since it’s inception in 2016. And although teachers may find it challenging at first switch to a classroom completely modified by technology, SmartTerm also has a solution for that.

“We’ve spent a lot of time training, supporting and guiding our educators on using SmartTerm to transform their classrooms,” he said.