Snapback queen! Nicki Minaj shares first photos of herself since giving birth

Rapper Nicki Minaj served us some full-bodies pics on Instagram today

Nicki Minaj is officially back on the ‘Gram and looking glamorous as ever. The ‘Queen’ rapper shared her first full-bodied pictures since giving birth to her son in October.

Nicki shared her return with her husband, Kenneth Petty, and the new parents looked as enamored as ever with each other.

One thing that was clear from the angles these photos were taken is that Nicki’s body hasn’t changed much and her fans noticed.

Meet the parents1 Nicki Minaj with husband, Kenneth Petty

“Snapback QUEEN! Strawberry shortcake hairrrr doeee,” one fan commented.

“HAD A BABY WHERE???? …. Look at the parents,” another said.

Nicki is yet to show us a full photo of her son or even reveal his name. But we’re hoping to see a glimpse of him in her upcoming docu-series on HBO MAX.