Snoop Dogg gave Matthew McConaughey ‘real weed’ while filming movie

Rapper Snoop Dogg (Photo:
Rapper Snoop Dogg (Photo:

Rapper Snoop Dogg swapped Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Hollywood weed’ for real marijuana while they were filming together.

The hip hop icon shared the screen with the 49-year-old actor on The Beach Bum earlier this year, and he admitted that he decided to trick his co-star when he realised he was smoking a prop on the set of the stoner comedy.

Speaking on SiriusXM’s ‘The Howard Stern Show’, he said: “I f***ed him up. We shot a movie together, and he had this fake ass Hollywood weed.

Actor Matthew McConaughey
Actor Matthew McConaughey (Photo:

“So me and him, first day on the scene, I’m smokin’ some real weed, he’s like ‘Make sure that ain’t real weed’. About 10 minutes later, this motherf****r started rapping his lines.”

Snoop appeared on the show alongside Seth Rogen, and he revealed the Long Shot star is one of his favourite people to smoke with because of how “creative” he is with his joints.

Asked if there are people he doesn’t like smoking with, he explained: “Yeah, because [some people] talk too motherf***in’ much… Seth enjoys the moments, he’s creative – this motherf****r knows how to make a joint that looks like a cross.”