So cheesy! Woman mistakes food item for soap

A woman is now laughing at herself after she mistakenly used a block of cheese to wash her hands instead of soap – for almost a week!

The woman, from Vancouver, Washington, shared her story on Reddit which has others equally in stitches!

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Our cheese friend, Miley, was puzzled as to the reason her ‘soap’ was not foaming, only to realize a few days later that she was actually using a block of cheddar cheese.

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She further explained that she uses liquid soap for her dishes, but keeps a bar of yellow unscented soap for her hands. However, following a few drinks one night, the blunder was made and the soap was misplaced in favour of the cheese.

Upon her realization, she notes that she found herself in stitches about it.

So tell us BUZZ fam, do you think you’d make this mistake too?!

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P.S. Remember to keep washing your hands regularly.

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