So he has a big ego… and a little penis

From the dawn of time, probably before man invented the wheel, he looked down and saw what lay before him and was for the most part pleased with himself.

Does your partner have an inflated ego but doesn’t do as well with backing it up?

Over time, some males’ confidence morphed into something else and they started viewing their members with such pride that it overshadowed their ability to see it as it really is: a little less than average and nothing to write home about.

Since you started dating your guy, you’ve noticed he likes to walk around proudly strutting his stuff, sometimes in the nude. He may even stand, pose in the mirror and smile at himself. You know what time it is but apparently he never got the memo and because you are a good girlfriend you do not want to burst his bubble. But he needs a reality check.

Some men may not be aware that their members aren’t quite…up to standard, but if it works for him, and you, then it be.

Now before you throw a grenade in the ring and blow his self-confidence to shreds, consider the following: is it getting in the way of your relationship? Is it ‘useful’, functional and gets the job done? At the end of the day (and probably early morning), does he leave you with a smile on your face? If the answers to these are yes then let the man be. So what if he is a little cocky? As long as it does not cross over to being rude and disrespectful to others, let him have his moment to shine.

His act of bravado may be a way of compensating for other areas in his life that he has little control over such as his career or family dynamics and so he pours all of his spare energy into being in charge of what he can comfortably manipulate. As long as his behaviour does not become narcissistic wherein he loves himself to the exclusion of you and everything else, relax and try to see him as a man who has a lot to offer in other areas that can enrich your union outside of the bedroom. Stroke his ego and wherever else that needs it and make him feel like the king he is because that is what he is with you by his side as his queen.