So he no longer wants to have sex…

A man no longer being interested in sex can be the result of several things. It’s important to talk it through to find out what’s the true position.

Lately you’ve been feeling neglected because despite donning your sexist lingerie, hubby is fast asleep. You definitely have the fire but his desire is not blazing at all. You have all of these thoughts rustling around your head but before you jump to conclusion and write a cheque that you cannot cash, consider all the possibilities.

Living in a global crisis such as this is enough to kill anyone’s vibe and the uncertainty of job security, health and the threat of isolation plus the fear of the unknown can drive many people to the edge. There is nothing sexy about a life where the future is so hazy and unpredictable. The reasons below explore some possible causes for his seeming rejection.

If the passion seems to no longer be there, it’s time to talk it out to see if it’s more than just not being in the mood.

Also you should probably just bite the bullet and just sit down and communicate with him. Speculation has never solved any relationship issue.   

1. He maybe going through a bout of depression: Hey, men get depressed too.

2. He is stressed and therefore ‘Little Johnny’ is not working: And instead of telling you about it, he is too ashamed so he avoids sex altogether.

3. He is getting it elsewhere: A very real and distinct possibility.

4. Constant nagging is a turn off: No one wants to be arguing all day and then turn around and expected to be in the mood.

5. Low testosterone: He may just not be up to it very often.

6. He no longer finds you attractive: Ouch! Over time people change, unfortunately.

7. He has gained weight: This has been proven to affect libido.

8. There may be an underlying medical condition: His body may simply not be functionally connecting.

9. He is bored: You may have grown apart more than you realise.