So what if I’m fat? Get over it!

Many full-figured women are in love with their bodies.

Have you ever been out enjoying yourself and living your best life and someone had to come along to ruin your mood? Imagine minding your own business and some douche had the temerity to state, loudly: “Lawd what a way you get fat!”

Pleasingly plump

Depending on how you react, you will hear that you are either overly sensitive or in denial. But to be honest, unless you are a baby, the word ‘fat’ has some negative connotations when it comes to body size. ‘Chunky’ sounds marginally better, and ‘pleasingly plump’ is acceptable in some circles. Many women who are ‘pleasingly plump’ actually like their curves but may lament about their bellies aka their ‘Buddha bulge’, as they feel all that spare tyre needs to go back to the rubber factory.

Body shaming actually depresses many plus-sized women.

Everyone has their own insecurities, but no one has the right to take uncalled for jabs at people, especially since they do not buy their groceries. Even if the person is obese, body shaming actually depresses the individual and makes them want to eat more.

Badge of honour

Some skinny people are beyond annoying, as they wear their ‘thinness’ like it is some badge of honour. They are not only under the misconception that being thin means that they are healthy but also that everyone wants to look like them. Mash down that lie! Looking like a corpse bride is not attractive to every male, and in Jamaica, if you lose weight too rapidly then the rumours will start swirling that you are sick. The rumour mill will crank up with theories about supposed man problems and a bag of other crazy stuff, and the same people who criticised you for being fat will lead the charge in orchestrating your demise.

Women come in all shapes and sizes.

Celebrate your body

People need to understand that the world is made up of all types of body shapes and not everyone can be a size two or worse a size zero! Back in the day size zero did not even exist. Black women also have to get that out of their own heads and stop subscribing to this European standard of beauty. We need to know that the euro-centric scale and model does not take into account black women’s thighs, buttocks and other voluptuous assets. We are blessed and highly favoured in all the right places. We do not look like a number two pencil! Instead of apologising for our bodies, we need to celebrate it!

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