Social anxiety disorder: Summer Walker ‘tek bad tings mek joke’

Summer Walker

Over the years mental health awareness has gradually improved but some people are still ignorant of the different disorders. Recently, Neo-soul singer Summer Walker shared her disorder of social anxiety with her fans after cancelling her concert. Walker made a courageous effort going on stage on Sunday (Nov 19) at the BET Soul Train Awards after being awarded Best New Artist of 2019.

Summer gave a short adorable speech saying, “Thank you so much, I didn’t expect this. Thank you LVRN and thank you London on Da Track. I really appreciate it.”

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?????? omfg wow I’m adorable

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Of course, the cyberbullies emerged, and it was time to do what they do best, releasing the memes for clout. The singer who has clap-back several times to negative comments had a different approach this time. Summer, who has struggled with social anxiety since she was 6 years old, turns her critics’ comments and memes around by reposting it on her Instagram page with the caption “? I’m really tired of this.”

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? I’m really tired of this

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On a serious note, social anxiety also known as social phobia is the third largest mental health issue in the world today. According to the Social Anxiety Association, “social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people”. People with the disorder are often seen as shy, withdrawn, unfriendly and as Jamaicans would say ‘dark’.

People with the disorder experience distress when they are introduced to people, teased or criticized, being the centre of attention and having to say something in public.

They are many more symptoms associated with social anxiety. Many people around us struggle with social anxiety daily, however, because we are not knowledgeable or conscious about the situation this often leads to misunderstanding. As such, people must try to understand as well as be patient with people who suffer from social anxiety.