Solaine reveals cancer diagnosis on IG live

Social media sensation Solanie Andreson took to Instagram live on Thursday (May 13) where she shared with her fans that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

According to Anderson, she received the diagnosis following a recent visit to the doctor, who told her that she did not have much time to live.

Anderson told her live audience that the doctor estimated that she had about two years left to live.

While not disclosing the type of cancer she was diagnosed with, Anderson revealed that one of her symptoms was seeing ” a lot of blood’ on visits to the bathroom.

Anderson also used the occasion to ask for financial support from fans to assist with the purchase of her cancer treatment medication.

Despite the bad news, online trolls attacked the social media sensation, alleging that she was using the platform to fleece people out of their hard earned money.

However, Anderson stayed clear of the naysayers, as she did not address the allegations, later going on to end the live, which she closed by singing a popular gospel song.

Anderson who is most known for her vivacious attitude appeared sombre, reflective and calm throughout the short live.

Earlier this year Anderson held an illegal gathering in breach of COVID-19 restrictions and was ordered to pay a fine to avoid jail time .