Some of the things people give up during Lent

Some people are addicted to social media.

Life they say is about sacrifices, and what better time to practise that than the present as we try to hit the reset button and learn to appreciate the simple things in life again. It is 40 days of self-denial that should, in the end, strengthen your core values and convictions and make you a better, stronger individual.

So, what are some of the things people give up for Lent? The question was posed to the average Jamaican in the streets, and these were their top answers.

Coffee addiction is a serious problem for some people.

1. Social media

Yup, believe it or not, a lot of people are willing to put a pause on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. No filters, no fuss! 

2. Caffeine

We may love it, but too much too often is bad for us especially all those so-called energy drinks that are loaded with sugar and give us a temporary high before we crash and burn.

3. Complaining

Lent or not, it is time many of us stop whining and complaining when we have things like life, family and health. Take the ‘glass half full’ approach and run with it.

Get up, go out and get things done. Now is the perfect time to stop being lazy.

4. Wishing for someone else’s life

The grass only looks greener. Be happy with what you have, and if it is about being rich, start working towards it.

5. Not following rules

As a people we are notorious for breaking rules, doing our own things and wanting a ‘bly’ just because. We can do better as a nation, because when we travel, the same rules we have a problem with at home, we follow to the ‘T’ in other people’s country.

6. Stealing

Do not raise your eyebrows at me! I am not talking about blue or white-collar crimes per se or grabbing someone’s bag or purse and making a dash. I’m talking about stealing office supplies to furnish your home when you think no one is looking or stealing time off to go home early or chronically come to work late. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is still stealing.

7. Being Lazy

Never be so lackadaisical that it prevents you from following your dreams. Whether it is to lose weight and get healthy or waking up earlier to start meal prepping and cooking your own, never be too lazy to pay attention to your wellbeing.

It doesn’t matter the age, some people are addicted to video games.

8. Procrastination

It is different from being lazy in the sense that what you are doing is postponing things that need to be done. Postponing them will not make them go away.

9. Playing the victim

Some of us are great at doing this. Instead of blaming others when things go bad, try to see our own role in the situation. It takes a mature person to see where they went wrong.

10. Videogames

Nothing sucks your time away from your family like games where when you look up, six hours out of a day has passed. That is more than relaxation. If it is that long or even longer, it is escaping from the realities of life and cannot be a good thing.

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