Some women have a hard time getting rid of…

They say women are natural hoarders and ‘pack rats’ because we like to store things for future use. We often intend to repurpose a used item, so we store it away for safekeeping then promptly forget about it. The moment it is out of sight, it is also out of mind. But inanimate things are not the only things we ‘squirrel away’ as we often do similar things with and to our bodies inadvertently. 

A classic example is seen every December when we make New Year’s resolutions, then by mid-February we hiss our teeth and call it quits for another year. Constantly putting off important tasks makes it difficult to get rid of both physical and emotional clutter, but learning to let go is necessary for us to experience growth. 

Listed below are a few things women seem to hold on to despite our best efforts. 

1. Wrinkles

Just call them laugh lines and be done with it already.

2. Weight

Our clothes keep shrinking, but our bodies are stubborn enough not to.

3. Cellulite

 This is the bane of many women’s existence, both slim and fluffy.

4. Broke men

Having a broke man is like having a car with no wheels – it is not going anywhere!

5. Adult children who keep ‘mooching’

It is time to cut the umbilical cord

6. An infection. 

Yes, you know which infection. Just leave it right there.

7. Gray hairs

And if you pluck one, a dozen more come to its funeral!

8. Old clothes

With each passing year, they just seem to multiply out of nowhere.