Sophie Monk is desperate for boyfriend to propose

Sophie Monk
Sophie Monk

Sophie Monk is “pushing” her boyfriend “every day” to propose.

The 39-year-old model is desperate for her beau Joshua Grosse, whom she’s been dating for 14 months, to pop the question but, regardless of how much she wants to tie the knot, she’s adamant she’d never get down on one knee for him.

Speaking to Australia’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sophie said: “I am pushing every day [for him to propose]. I know nowadays it is OK [for the woman to propose], but something in me, I don’t know… I just want it that way.”

“I thought I’d have four children and be married.”

— Sophie Monk

The couple first met when they were travelling on the same aeroplane.

She explained: “I am lucky. I hit the jackpot on an aeroplane.”

This isn’t the first time Sophie has brought up marriage, as she said earlier this year that she thought she’d already be a wife with four children by now.

She said at the time: “I thought I’d have four children and be married. I thought I’d be in this industry for a little bit, and then get out and have a normal life, where I’d pick up the kids from school. But I’ve realised that’s not going to happen.”