Sorry, can’t share these 7 things

Forget about ‘kumbaya’, free love and that sharing is caring. Human beings were meant to be social, but alas, we also need to be sanitary and the only things we should pass on from one person to the next is wisdom.

Social media is not the only realm in which we often ‘overshare’, as when it comes to personal hygiene practices, common sense seems to go on vacation for some individuals.

So we’ve taken the liberty of sharing a short list of things it would be best to keep to yourself, both for your peace of mind as well as your personal health.


This heads the list, and believe it or not, some teens not only share clothes but underwear as well. This is a practice that should never be encouraged. The idea of being okay sitting in someone else’s bodily fluids boggles the mind. *Eeek*


This is one of the capital cities for breeding germs and if someone has a dental history similar to dancehall artiste Gully Bop, you are in big trouble. Toothbrushes are inexpensive and readily available. So, let’s scrap the communal oral hygiene.


Here is where it really gets interesting. There’s a saying: three can keep a secret if two are dead. That basically means a shut mouth gathers no foot and everything you see or hear should not be broadcasted to a wider audience. Nobody likes a stool pigeon.


Underarm care is ‘muy importante’ and any cuts, lumps, bruises or openings in the skin determine that sharing roll-on or stick deodorant is a no-no. If your friends run out, introduce them to the joys and wonders of baking soda which works like a charm.


Much like the deodorant, if it goes on your skin, it’s a personal effect. Many people have fungal infections and untreated skin conditions that are spread by sharing make-up brushes. Hey, you can also be a nice person and just buy your friend their own make-up kit.


Why should you be cool swapping dead skin? If you are sleeping over and did not pack, reach for a large rag or even a t-shirt – preferably your own.

Your partner!

If you value your relationship, there will be no sharing. His/her ‘truck’ should be parked in your garage and not the street side. Your friends need not know those intimate details. Keep what you do with your partner to yourself, especially if their game is on point because sharing that info is a recipe for trouble.

At the end of the day, ‘oversharing’ can become costly in so many ways.

The only things that need to be dispensed freely are ideas and carpool duties.