Sorry, you’re from where?! Weirdly named places in Jamaica

Some communities in Jamaica just have the most peculiar names.

We often hear people say that Jamaica is not a real place, well there are actually places in Jamaica that you may think are not real based on the unusual or just plain weird names they’ve been given.

Indeed, people in these communities are rather proud to be from parts that are peculiar because there is never a dull moment when they meet strangers who express surprise that such a place truly exists. Listed below are just a few place names on the island which will either make you scratch your head or bite your tongue pronouncing.


See just how many you’ve heard of before and let us know if you’ve ever been to any:

1. Time and Patience, St Catherine

2. Poor Man’s Corner, St Thomas

3. Red Gyal Ring, St Andrew

4, Lennox Bigwoods, Westmoreland

5. Fat Hog Corner, Hanover

6. You-No-Call-Mi-No-Come, St Elizabeth

 7. Tie Man, St Catherine

8. Crotches Lane, St Ann.

9. Tite Grip

10. Ma Puhpoo Hole, Hanover

11. Rest N Be Thankful, Trelawny

12. Slip Mi Shit, St Elizabeth

13. Prickly Pole, St Ann

14. Pussy Gully

15. Never Mine, Manchester

16. Auchtembeddie, Manchester

17. Old Woman Savanna, Clarendon

18. Putogether Corner, Manchester

19. Labour-in-Vain, St Elizabeth

20. Corn Puss Gap, St Thomas