Sperm donor has 150 children worldwide

*Joe who has concealed his real name has 150 children worldwide

A 49-year-old man from Vermont USA has been very generous with his sperm. *Joe claims to father more than 150 children all over the world by donating his sperm to women who are in need.

And one would think that the coronavirus pandemic would have slowed down this prolific sperm donor right? But it hasn’t. According to Joe, he has assisted six more women to give birth during this period.

He told the DailyMail UK that he’s on a mission to father 2,500 children.

“I started donating sperm in 2008 and have fathered on average 10 children per year. I have always said I wouldn’t father more than 2500 but that would technically be impossible unless I live until the age of 250,” he said.

“I have about 150 kids worldwide but there’s currently five women pregnant with my children and one already born,” he added.

Joe is not doing this for money, although he will accept travel expenses. For him, it’s simply about helping women.

“I don’t financially gain from providing my sperm to women, I just enjoy helping people. Luckily I run a few online businesses so I’m always available and can provide sperm whenever they’re ovulating,” he said.

He said claims that the natural way of conception is often more effective, but if a woman is not open to having sexual intercourse then he offers the other option as well.

“I offer both options and although the natural way has a higher success rate, I do understand that it’s not for everyone. Some of the women are lesbians and would not want to have sex while others are married but their husband’s are infertile,” he said.

He said he ensures to do routine health checks, and has travelled across America, Argentina, Italy, Singapore, The Philippines and the UK donating his sperm.

“There’s not a single charge for the “sperm pot” as I do just enjoy making the world a better place,” he said.