Spice celebrates sister’s engagement; thanks family for support

Dancehall artste Spice

Dancehall entertainer Spice showered her family with praises as she announced her younger sister’s engagement on Saturday.

“My sister got engaged on her birthday 😍🥳 Congratulations @fenisehamilton @dre_elli_richforever I’m soooo happy for you,” said Spice, who shared photos from the engagement party to Instagram

Spice, who is pictured alongside her sister, Fenise Hamilton and her fiancé in subsequent posts, described her sister as “ the best little sister in the world”.

The engagement party was a family affair, as several members of Spice’s family, including her mom, were seen in pictures and videos captured at the joyous occasion.

Spice was  seen in a short clip dancing with her mom who she affectionately calls “Mama Gella”.

The entertainer admitted that in recent times she had been feeling as though the world was out to get her but was comforted by being in the presence of her family, whose love, she said, outweighed all adversity.

“When the world is out to get me I have a family of love that outweighs every thing,” said Spice as she captioned a video of herself dancing with her mom and sister.

She also used the occasion to thank her mom for her continuous prayer and support, particularly after the passing of her father.

“Mama GELLA thank you for going down on your knees every day for me. Thank you because you never gave up when our father died, I watch you fight through it all just for us to survive and I promise I will fight through it all just for all of us to survive, “ added Spice.