Spice mourns death of boyfriend’s mother

Dancehall artiste Spice and her partner Justin Budd are mourning the loss of his mom, Robin D Sims. 

Spice alerted her followers to the loss her family was currently experiencing through a post on her Instagram story; “My mother-in-law slept so peaceful today. May her soul sleep in paradise,” she wrote. 

Meanwhile, Budd, sharing a collage of photos of his mom on his Instagram profile, said he was still processing her death. 

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to face the fact that you’re gone, so I’m going to have to keep you with me forever,” he wrote. 

Spice and boyfriend in happier times

The post was immediately flooded with followers sending their condolences, including Spice. 

“Your pain is also mine baby, I’m so sorry. She was sleeping beautiful today,” she wrote. 

Sims died on October 9th, however, neither Spice nor her partner shared the cause of her death. 
Spice and her executive producer partner made their relationship public in November last year.