Spice offers some Monday Motivation: ‘Yuh look good!’

It’s the start of a new week and Mondays are always a little tough for everyone, but Spice is here to help you through the day.

Dancehall artiste Spice

The artiste, born Grace Hamilton, shared her #MondayMotivation message with her Twitter followers earlier today.

The Inches singer said “You  healthy, you strong, you look good, you have all a the supmn deh bout you! Yesss Goodie!”

Her followers seem to appreciate the words of affirmation, which received more than 400 retweets within two hours.

One shared, “Thank you for the motivation Queen Spice I pray you have a blessed week”.

Another said “Thanks mi gal right back at you” while a third commented “We strong”.

It seems the artiste may be taking the motivation angle a part of her brand, after last week telling fans to stop wasting time and work hard at becoming successful. She said it while offering birthday greetings to Shaggy, whom she was in studio working even on his special day.

Spice has been busy in recent weeks, releasing her Inches single and music video and also launching her clothing line Graci Noir.