Spice single? Artiste’s trip to Wendy Williams Show raises questions about her relationship status

Dancehall deejay Spice’s relationship status is under the microscope thanks to a trip to the Wendy Williams show.

Let’s rewind.

The Go Down Deh trio appeared on the American media personality’s talk show on Friday to promote their single.

During the show Williams asked each guest questions about other matters, like if Paul is still passionate about performing.

The Temperature hitmaker – who appeared virtually – began responding with “Of course I still want to perform…” before Williams interrupted.

“You are sexy,” she said. “Are you involved?”

The “say it like you mean it” TV veteran has been on the dating scene since her 2019 divorce from Kevin Hunter.

She occasionally (and unreservedly) shoots her shot with her male guests, most recently comedian Gary Owens and didn’t hold back when it came to the Jamaican hit maker.

Spice laughed at the question and uttered, “She nuh easy enuh.”

Perhaps it was delayed feedback or good media training but Paul continued to answer her initial question.

However, Williams persisted, intent on knowing his relationship status.

“I’m married with two kids: Levi and Remi,” Sean Paul said.

“My son is four and my daughter is about two now and big up mi wife Jodi,” he added.

With no luck in that department, Williams moved on.


It’s interesting that she asked for his marital status as he spoke about his family on his February appearance on her show.

Spice quickly answered, “He’s married too” erupting in laughter.

 “With multiple kids,” Shaggy added.

“I’m sorry Wendy,” said Spice as she consoled the TV personality.

Possibly to balance it out, Wendy continued, “Spice?”

“I’m single,” she quickly responded with a laugh.

 “That’s best for you because you’re trying to grind and a lot of times men don’t understand a woman on the road so do your thing,” added Williams.

Spice nodded in agreement, further stating, “No they don’t.”

Before you ask, yes, the PDA photos and videos of Spice and cinematographer Justin Budd have not been removed from their social media.

Perhaps she just wanted to focus on promoting the song and not her love life.

With Spice, you may never know.

Besides the relationship bit, Spice was also asked about her thoughts on Chet Hanks’ notorious Jamaican accent.

“I love him,” she revealed.

 “I actually was gonna remix his song White Boy Summer; I was gonna do the Black Girl Summer. The thing is, let me say this. A lot of times when people try fi talk Jamaican a lot of people out there feel like it’s offensive. We like it cause it’s like you’re embracing our culture. He loves Jamaica, him push Jamaica, so we don’t have a problem with it, ” she added.