Spice up your kitchen with these gadgets

Are you scratching stuck-on food from your pots, rushing to the oven to rescue the charred remains of your dinner or stuck with tough pastry because you put too much flour in the mix?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some exciting pieces of kitchen tech to help you avert a ruined dinner.

Smart Fridge

Samsung Smart refrigerator. (Photo: Samsung)

Brands like Samsung and LG have taken an ordinarily boring kitchen appliance and added smart features. The Samsung-Family Hub 28 cubic feet, 4-door refrigerator takes the traditional appliance experience to another level.

Samsung-Family Hub 28 cubic feet, 4-door refrigerator

For starters, the fridge comes with a massive 21.5-inch Family Hub screen. From the screen, users control their kitchen (if it has other Samsung smart devices), see what’s inside the machine from anywhere or write notes for other family members to view. Also, if you so desire, the fridge plays music. Beware, this purchase is rather expensive but represents cutting edge kitchen tech.

Smart Thermometer

MEATER Smart thermometer. (Photo: Amazon)

If you want a hassle-free way to check the temperature of your meat, you can opt for a smart thermometer. MEATER True Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer is a high-tech option with a smartphone companion app.

MEATER True Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

The thermostat has dual temperature sensors and can monitor internal meat temperatures along with ambient temperatures simultaneously. Also, you can track your meat as it cooks from your phone or hands-free through Alexa. The MEATER App is free for Android and iOS.

Digital Scale

Scales are essential for the kitchen as they give precise measurements. Drop Scales expand upon this idea with smart features that work with other intelligent devices.

Image result for Drop Connected Scale

The Drop Connected Scale connects to iOS devices and displays creative recipes through the Drop Kitchen Recipe App. The scale, therefore, ensures your ingredients are the right weight to complete a dish.

Smart Display

Echo Show 8. (Photo: Best Buy)

Smart Displays may seem like out of place recommendations; however, they are great for the kitchen. The Echo Show 8, Facebook Portal or Google Nest Hub fits perfectly in the modern kitchen.

Facebook Portal

Want to know how much flour or water goes in a cake mix? Ask Google or Alexa. Also, if you wish to play music or check the weather, these smart speakers can entertain while you try not to burn your meal.

Happy cooking!