St Nicks Décor makes trendy wreaths for Christmas

Nicholas Knox loves Christmas, it’s the favourite time of the year. He especially loves Christmas decor, it reminds him of the Christmas spent with his family. 

“Christmas was always the biggest event for the year. It was always a very happy and festive time.My parents would always ensure that the place was very festive, we’d decorate the house, we’d get creative and make our own ornaments,” he told BUZZ. 

It was a tradition that he kept into adulthood and decided to share it with others by starting a business- St Nicks Decor.

“One year we were decorating, and I made a wreath and my wife was like ‘I had no idea you had this much talent. Why you don’t make some and try to sell them?’ 

And so it began. Knox made his first wreath for sale, and received good feedback. He worked to develop his skill, and tries to cater to the changing needs of his customers. 

“What people are looking for, is not the traditional gold and red. They’re looking for conversation pieces. The orders that we get are very unique, the younger folks tend to want something that stands out,” he said

This statement wreath is made from PVC pipes

“Some people want them to be very artistic and abstract,”  he said.

Knox sells at a cost of $12,000- $30,000. 

People are moving away from the traditional red and green colours for Christmas

St Nicks Decor is based in Kingston, but ships locally and internationally. Knox takes joy in knowing that his business is bringing Christmas all over the world.

And depending on how festive you want your house to be, Knox also offers decorating services. “Outside of the wreath, I source and decorate real and artificial trees, anything to do with the season I’m there,” he said, laughing