Stay healthy with 10 of nature’s best antibiotics

Coronavirus is not going anywhere anytime soon and we have to find ways to stay ahead of it and remain healthy.

It’s always terrible being sick but with everything else going on in the world, this is a particularly bad time to be ill.

Our bodies are the first line of defence in the fight to stay healthy, so building up our immune system is of great priority. Antibiotics can help so why not source the natural kind that are cheaper, better and without the nasty side effects of those manufactured in a lab?

We have many of the best drugs surrounding us, the problem is we just do not know or recognise the power and potency of what we have right under our noses.

Check out our list below and let us know which effective home remedy we may have missed:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar: Helps weight loss and decreases body fat.

2. Garlic: Has great antimicrobial properties.

3. Onion: Ignore the smell, it helps prevent cellular damage in the body.

4. Honey: Its low pH causes bacteria to get dehydrated and die.

5. Ginger: Can fight many strains of bacteria and also helps to lower your blood sugar level.

6. Pepper: Aids the digestive tract and mitigates migraines as well.

7. Oregano oil: Used to treat fungal infection and reduces inflammation

8. Turmeric: Used to treat arthritis and said to contain cancer-fighting properties.

9. Echinacea: Relieves the symptoms of cold if you take it early enough.

10. Thyme: Effective in killing bacteria over time.