Stevie Face thrills UK fans

After his triumphant return to the stage last Friday night at the Electric in London, Stevie Face is being hailed by music lovers in the UK who witnessed his show-stopping performance as the next King of Lovers Rock.

Reggae singer Stevie Face

Taking centrestage just a few minutes before midnight, Stevie Face opened his set with his breakthrough hit single, Tell Like It Is, sending the huge audience gathered inside the Electric into a frenzy.

From there Stevie Face could do no wrong, as he was like the pied piper who kept the crowd singing along and shouting as he reeled off other crowd favourites from his catalogue, such as Can’t Go Round It, Thank You For Loving Me, In The Living Years and his new single, My Prayer.

“I delivered a good performance as promised.”

— Stevie Face

“I had an awesome time on stage at the Electric. I delivered a good performance as promised, and the fans showed me a lot of love. They sang along to all of my songs, both the hits and the new songs like I Feel Bless. It was a delightful experience,” he said.

Stevie Face said that while he is happy that people are hailing him as the next King of Lovers Rock he’s not about to let such plaudits get to his head.

“I appreciate the love of the fans; I appreciate their support. If they believe that I am worthy of being hailed as the next King of Lovers Rock I can’t stop them from saying that. However, that’s not something I am even remotely concerned about. All I want to do it keep making good music for my fans,” he said.

Stevie Face is currently sitting in the No. 1 spot on the South Florida Top 25 Reggae Charts with My Prayer on the Streaming Hub imprint.