Stone tablet containing the world’s ‘first ever signature’ sold for almost quarter million US dollars

BUZZ Fam, have you ever given thought as to how much your signature could be worth in the next couple of years? Even if you did, the figure was probably nowhere near what the world’s ‘first-ever signature’ cost.

The 5,000-year-old clay tablet which detailed beer ingredients sold for US $229, 264 at an auction.

The square 3-inch by 3 inch tablet, sold by London-based Bloomsbury Auctions, was made in the ancient city of Uruk, in modern-day southern Iraq.  

The tablet is said to be the earliest known record of any personal name in history which is indicated by symbols translating as ‘KU’ and ‘SIM’ in the top left corner.

Experts interpret these as spelling the name ‘Kushim’, which is possibly that of the government scribe who made the recording on the tablet for admin purposes.

The tablet has a few hairline cracks but otherwise was regarded as in “outstanding” condition. 

It was bought by a private US collector.