Stop dating your type!

Once again you are attending another wedding and it’s become a case of ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’.

There are several ugly bridesmaid dresses in your closet and you’re kind of tired of always cheering for others while not finding your own soul mate. Could it be a case of you needing paradigm shift in your thinking and stop looking for a particular type of man to date?

You are always looking for the tall, dark and handsome with the good job and great credit. But you don’t stop there as you also want dimples, pearly white teeth, a six pack and bulging biceps. Then you want him to be a romantic, make you laugh, help around the house, be a great listener, a faithful partner and superlative in bed.

“What may initially seem like imperfections can become unique building blocks for a stable relationship.”

Sister, you been orbiting earth for too long and you need to loosen your wig and come back down to earth. The man you created in your mind is a dream man, meaning he does not exist. No one is that perfect or have all those attributes and you keep telling yourself that you do not want any lesser mortal or else you consider it settling. Nope, it is being unrealistic.

The men you have previously dated maybe have been handsome but they were never on the same page as you yet you overlooked the bad because you were too caught up in how white their teeth were. It probably blinded you to the reality of the situation which was that they were what you wanted but not what you needed.

Mr Right may not be the person you’ve had planned out in your mind all these years.

Sometimes we set ourselves up for failure. If you enter each relationship concentrating on the physical you will end up stunted on the emotional end because beauty fades but stupid lasts forever. Do not choose a mate based on how tall he is or if he has abs of steel.

The guy you overlook who is always there assisting you, maybe the man for you if you only took the cataracts out of your eyes and try to find that spiritual connection. So what if he has a little paunch, it is just his love tank that is full for you. And why does it matter if his teeth are a little crooked? Who cares that his wardrobe is not up to date since one decent shopping excursion can fix that? What may initially seem like imperfections can become unique building blocks for a stable relationship. Looking past what initially did not appeal to you to appreciate the character and personality of an individual, demonstrates not only emotional flexibility on your part but more importantly psychological maturity.