Study shows stress DOES cause you to go grey faster

Take a deep breath. Calm down. Stop stressing. You can take my advice, or be prepared to get grey hairs faster.

Yes BUZZ Fam, I know you probably thought your grandma was making things up, but let me tell you, she wasn’t.

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Stress actually does make your hair get grey faster, and that’s according to a study done at the Harvard University.

The the study was done on mice, but of course,the findings apply to humans.

The study was done on mice found the culprit was norepinephrine, a hormone released when the body goes into ‘fight-or-flight’ mode, was the cause of early grey hairs.

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Under immense stress, norepinephrine is released into the bloodstream where it ramps up heart rate and prepares the body to react to a threat.

But it appears to damage melanocyte stem cells (MSCs), the pigment-producing skin cells that give hair its colour.

The researchers found that stress causes sympathetic nerves to release the chemical norepinephrine into the blood.

Norepinephrine, is a neurotransmitter produced by the brain in both minor and chronic stress situations. It makes the body more alert and ready to fight stress.

The study also found that it causes the stem cells in hair follicles to activate excessively.

The stem cells go through a process called proliferation and differentiation, where they switch into specialized cells.

This means, their role change and they move away to other parts of the body, leaving the hair follicles depleted.

The mice that were exposed to high levels of stress, got grey hair at a faster rate.