Stupid things we were told as kids

Children nowadays have no clue how easy they have it with information being available at their fingertips. If someone says something dubious, they can just punch a couple of keys on their phones or tablets to find out if the information is correct or not. We, as in individuals born before say 1990, were not that fortunate. To make matters worse, those of us who grew up with grandparents – bless their hearts – were fed tonnes of questionable data, otherwise known as old wives’ tales.

Now, as adults, we can laugh at ourselves for believing, but back then we were convinced these were ‘grandparents gospel’, so we would not fathom to raise an eyebrow much less dispute their validity.

Growing up

Below are some stupid stuff we were told growing up. Some are funny, especially since they are so incredibly outlandish, and we now realise how gullible we were for even believing them.

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1. If you point at a grave, you quickly have to bite all ten of your fingers and spin your roll or else duppy will ‘box’ you.

2. Do not swallow bubble gum because it will tie up your tripe.

3. If a girl jumps over a boy child, he will ‘dun grow’ (stunted).

4. If a female opens up an umbrella inside of a house, she will never get married

5. Do not put your handbag on the floor. You will forever be broke.

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6. If you are hot, you need to cool off before you jump in the shower or else you will ‘ketch up draft’.

7. Swallowing fruit seeds are a ‘no-no’. They will grow inside your belly.

8. A male child with big ears will grow up to be rich.

9. If you throw out water at night, you first need to say ‘excuse’ or you risk wetting up a duppy.

10. Your mother promising to put up the money your visiting relative just gave you for ‘safekeeping’. Chances are you will ever see that money again!

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