Stylo G reacts to wife applications

Dancehall artist Stylo G is getting more applications than a Kingston-based call centre.

The sought-after position?

His wife. 

The deejay attracted a slew of hopefuls in his DMs yesterday after painting a picture of his luxurious life which lacks a good wife. 

“I know my wife is out there somewhere,” he romanticised in an Instagram Story.

“All this savings I need to spend some of it,” he added.

The bait (or sincere monologue) continued, “Damn me alone in this penthouse, me alone in this big pool, after me no Lonley (lonely).”

It’s from here that he noticeably started receiving messages from contenders who were drawn to the financial benefit of being his boo thang.

“A good woman can be a brilliant asset,” he intercepted. “She has to be active and motivating or else she nah see the account Balance.”

He added, “Sorry ladies my wife can’t be on ig looking all Thirsty for attention.”

The Oh Lawd artist also shared screenshot messages of his applicants, one of which he shared to his page with the woman’s username.

“Would you date a spiritual woman?” she asked. “Seems like you only want to date hype women.”

He responded, “A spiritual woman sound like a obeah u (waan) work pan me.”

The “reader woman” expressed disappointment that he publicized their conversation.

“You even went and post me on your page when I told you I don’t like too much attention,” she commented. “Boy, yuh love di hype ee.”

He replied, “Yu Famous now mumma right now yu thing loud.”

Another woman sent him a video message.

“Stylo, I don’t know why you’re ignoring my DMs and all of that. I told you I will marry you, all you have to do is cook.”

Another wrote, “I’m right here but I’m moving to China for a bit so we can wait for the marriage.”

One woman outright declared, “I’m your future wife,” but Stylo G wasn’t sold.

“It takes more than just 4 words to convince me. How about a nice paragraph.”

One woman skipped the pleasantries and asked the artist to send her money which he deemed a red flag. 

But there were independent hopefuls too. One woman said, “I feel lonely in my penthouse too and I am looking for a man to add to my happiness. I can work for my own money I live in Liechtenstein – tax paradise.”

He replied, “Me see TAX – red flag.”

He also dodged a woman who offered her body.

“You a give away the front too easy. This nah go work.”

Stylo G’s last high-profile relationship was with fellow peer Lisa Mercedez with whom he shares a child.

News of their split circulated last year when Mercedez called Vybz Kartel her new man on DJ Lava’s Chat & Laugh show.