Sudan criminalises female genital mutilation

(Photo: BBC)

BUZZ Fam, here’s some news that we’re happy to share, Sudan has criminalised female genital mutilation. This is the removal of the external female genitalia or injury done to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. 

It is believed to ensure the girl conforms to key social norms, such as those related to sexual restraint, femininity, respectability, and maturity

However, on Friday (July 10) Sudan’s sovereign council, the highest authority in the country, ratified a law criminalising female genital mutilation.

The council, comprising military and civilian authorities, passed the law after the government in May approved amendments to the criminal law that would punish those who perform the operation with up to three years in prison and a fine.

Nearly nine out of 10 girls in Sudan fall victim to what is known as FGM or genital cutting, according to the United Nations. The justice ministry said the practice “undermines the dignity of women”.