Superfoods that improve women’s health

Instead of relying on a tablet to give you that ‘get up and go’ you need every morning, why not source foods ideal for your overall health as a woman.

Yes, we all need the basics – but the sexes do need different things for our reproductive functions to keep on operating as they should. Yup, there are some superfoods that feed the body, the brain and makes a woman’s clock keep ticking.

In general, most natural foods are good for you, some more so than others and therefore needed less often than others.

Here is a list of superfoods that your body will thank you for at the end of the day:

Kale. Yes, everyone is on a “kale kick” right now, but that is because it works. Rich in Vitamin K and other nutrients that supply you with strong bones, as we age we need more of it to prevent osteoporosis and similar diseases that do not want us to live our best lives.

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Beans. Talk about a food that delivers protein without the guilt of fat and you are talking about your beans. It lowers both your blood pressure which is a leading killer among people with a sedentary lifestyle.

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Grapefruit. While not ideal for those who are migraine sufferers, it is perfect in its ability to reduce your risk of a stroke and improve heart health. Make sure one is on your plate at least every other day.

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Papaya. If you have baby fever, do not overindulge, otherwise have at it as it is chock full of beta carotene like a good size carrot. Many know it is a great antioxidant but it also have nutrients that fights cervical cancer.

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Sardines. Forget the smell, focus on the fact that it is swimming in Omega-3 nutrients.

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Avocado. This is the good fat that we need, which may even lower cholesterol while supplying us with the skin that glows.

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Sweet potato. Talk about a sweet deal with this tuberous root, since it provides not only fibre and iron but also potassium among a host of other benefits.

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Beef. To get to the whole meat of the matter, a lot of health food gurus seem to not want red meat anywhere near their mouths, but that is because they do not recognise how much iron, folic acid, vitamin B, and zinc it delivers in one sitting.

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Turmeric. More than just food colouring and seasoning, it promotes wound healing and helps fight infections.

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Almonds. More than just milk, almonds are great for fighting bacteria and strengthening your immune system.

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Let’s get those nutrients ladies!