Surviving Christmas with the in-laws

This year your partner suggested doing something different for the Yuletide season. At first, you thought he wanted to spend it at a nice resort or maybe take you to some winter wonderland where you can do something you never tried before like ski. Lo and behold his big surprise was nothing so exciting. Instead, he wanted to take you to the country to spend Christmas with his parents.

Be Cordial

Now, the few times you spend more than an hour or two with the in-laws you got the distinct impression that they were not overly impressed by you though they have always been cordial. However, there is a big difference between cordial and showing some genuine warmth and affection, so the trip is going to be interesting, to say the least. So, how does one survive the holidays and circumvent the malarkey and madness that may come along with it? It is pretty easy if you have the necessary tools.

Always keep a smile on your face and try to be cordial with your in-laws.

You first need to know your subject matter, and by subject, we do not mean topic but subject as in who is in charge. In most households, though the male may be the official head he could just be a figurehead as the woman is the queen behind the scene that actually pulls the strings. Just like in a bee colony, the queen rules, hence she is the one to study and whose good side you have to stay on in order to let peace reign.

Suck it up!

Older people (those 60 and over) are very set in their ways and like things to be done a particular way and that means done their way. Now as long as your in-law is not rude, suck it up for the weekend or for the holiday and just deal with whatever comes your way. Do not think to correct either of them on minor matters because you are a guest in their home. Observe all of the house rule and things should be fine.

Get up! Sleeping until midday is not OK.

If you want to get in her good graces do not sleep in until midday. That is a ‘no-no’ as rural folks believe that ‘town gyal’ lazy, so in order to prove her wrong, get up when she gets up and show her that your mamma raised you right so help out in the kitchen and around the house. Though at your home you may have a helper to take care of daily chores, demonstrate to her that her son did not marry you just for your looks. Even if she does not admit it, she will have to give you brownie points for being helpful and proactive. Maybe this will even assist in them transitioning from lukewarm to loving towards you. 

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