Switzerland’s female soldiers will no longer have to wear men’s underwear

(Photo: Daily Mail)

Did you know that Switzerland’s female soldiers had to wear men’s underwear? Yes BUZZ Fam, they’ve been doing it since the 1980s, but the army is in the process of changing that rule.

They’re hoping that by doing so, more women will be attracted to joining the army.

In a statement to CNN, Spokesman for Armasuisse, the Swiss armed forces’ procurement organization, Kaj-Gunnar Sievert said two different sets of women’s undergarments, for warmer and colder weather, will be tested during a trial starting next month.

“During the development phase, the ergonomics of women, among other things, were taken into account,” the statement continued.

“While men and women will wear the same combat uniforms, items have been updated to allow individual adjustments. For example, the new camouflage trousers will feature an adjustable waistband.”