Tactics women use to get out of a traffic ticket

Women may be the fairer sex but that does not mean that we are stupid, far from it. Women can be very persuasive, charming, astute, coy and cunning whenever the situation calls for them to adapt and adjust accordingly. Just observe them when they get pulled over by a policeman and you can see sheer genius at work. Depending on his first two or three sentences to her, she will adopt the requisite attitude and emotion to try and ensure that he does not put pen to paper and write that ticket.

See if you have done any of the actions below or seen it in live and living colour.

1. Crying: Tears are the number one why to gain pity and just a warning.

2. Showing/holding her baby bump: She will pull the ‘sympathy’ card if she needs to.

3. Flirting: She may bat her long fake lashes and flash those dimples a bit.

4. Quoting sections of the Road Traffic act: That shows that she knows her rights and is not taking it lying down.

5. Claim it is an emergency: Just make the excuse believable.

6. Showing a little leg/skin: Show and tell 101.

7. Give him her phone number: It could be the start of a beautiful love connection.

8. Showing her own police badge: From one ‘squaddy’ to the next.