Take it off! Reasons to sleep in the nude

When going to bed, it’s perhaps better to take it off than to keep it on and we’re about to tell you why. (Photo: Miami News)

Growing up in Jamaica, you hear reasons why people should not sleep naked. Older folks used to declare that angels do not visit the homes of people who are ‘au natural’ in their sleep. Additionally, some feel that in case of an emergency, you may not have time to throw on clothes cover up and avoid the embarrassment baring it all for your neighbours.

However, despite the naysayers there are quite a few advantages of lounging in bed in your birthday suit:

Sleeping naked allows the skin to breathe and also helps out your relationship, imagine that. (Photo: Men’s Journal)

1. It allows your skin to breathe.

2. For men, the sperm get to cool down and are more potent. This is great if you are actively pursuing parenthood.

3. Makes you age slower: Your hormones may actually release that needed melatonin that fights the age process easier.

4. It regulates your body temperature, thus allowing you to sleep more peacefully.

5. Makes you sleep better and longer: Who would have thought being nude promotes sleep?

6. Minimises you cortisol: This is your stress hormone so since your body temperature raises your cortisol level, shed the clothes and be more relaxed

7. Being skin-to-skin works: Being naked with your mate can produce ‘oxytocin’ known as the love hormones that build emotional stability, love, trust, attraction and stability.

8. It’s said to increase happiness in your relationship. Make sense right?