Take the plunge with Yendi: Former beauty queen finally creates YouTube channel

Take the plunge with Yendi

Beauty queen Yendi Phillips has finally brought her infectious joy to YouTube. After telling her almost half a million Instagram followers in February that she’ll be taking ‘the plunge’ and starting her YouTube channel, she has posted her first video.

And I gotta say, the wait was totally worth it!

The travel enthusiast took viewers on a trip to Istanbul, Turkey which she she said has been a travel itch she’s been meaning to scratch since she read Dan Brown’s Inferno.

Turkey, she shared was all she imagined, and so much more! From the oceans, the mountains, the culture, and the food, Yendi enjoyed it all. And her description of the trip made us feel like we were enjoying it along with her.

Just take all of us to Turkey please!

We watched her trying food that had us salivating, rolling in soft Turkish carpet, flying in a hot air balloon, experiencing being on two continents at once. We watched as she became an attraction herself with her braids that were an unusual sight for locals, and laughing in delight as the ice cream man played and teased her before finally giving her her ice cream cone.

Yendi’s description of Turkey made us all wanna pack our bags and head there

As one viewer puts it, “You made us feel like we were right there with you. Turkey looks absolutely awesome,”

All we ask is that we don’t wait so long for the next travel vlog.