Talk dirty to me! The benefits of ‘playing’ in bed

Spicing up your sex life may become necessary if couples fall into a rut.

It’s advisable that after the honeymoon period when couples are no longer doing it like rabbits three times daily, that they get creative to keep that spark going. Life can be stressful and the daily grind of work can become monotonous, making even the best relationships routine. This is when both parties have to put in the work and make bed time fun time.

Forget about recreating the whole ‘50 Shades’ trilogy. Nope, life is not about copying someone else’s style but being comfortable with your own. Why not do a sexy hide and seek in your bedroom?  Leave little notes or clues around the room, under the bed, in the closet, under the chair etc that instructs your mate to do something every time they find a new clue and with each discovery they get a little prize. It is cute, creative and fun and you can make it as spicy as you desire.

Adding some new, interesting components to your sexual acts can be a fun way for couples to reconnect.

For the females instead of doing the customary lingerie, why not make your own outfit out of edible food items that you can find in your own cupboard? Do a water crackers bikini top and bottom (G-string style, of course) that your man can enjoy devouring before the main course.

As a couple another fun game you can play in bed is Jamaican ‘strip me’. Since everyone knows the rules you start off with a fair amount of clothes and have fun peeling each layer off. If you are agile, why not create a dance for him with music courtesy of whoever is his favourite female dancehall artiste and go all out with costumes, wig and make-up. Make the journey just as much fun as getting to the destination.