Tami Chin: Honouring the Valley

If we’re being honest, then we’ll admit that we all go through low periods in our lives. The only difference perhaps is how we choose to deal with it. Tami Chin-Mitchell describes her journey through life as one with many peaks and valleys.

The former singer and songwriter said her valleys were not only the most challenging times in her life but in reflecting, she has come to realize that they were also her most insightful periods. Within those valleys, Tami learnt her strength, became resilient, and evolved.

Tami has gained so much after going through her Valleys

It’s why, instead of harbouring bitter feelings about those low periods in her life, she has learnt to honour them. And she shares her knowledge on how to do this in her book- Honour The Valley. “I have just gotten out of a valley space again in my own life, and I’ve been doing a lot of work to create new processes for myself that really help me to recover quickly from any situation. And while I was in it, I thought to myself that you know, this is something you should document, and share with people,” she told BUZZ.

‘A valley space is a sure thing for anybody whether you are successful or not, whether you are happy or not, whether you are rich or poor, the valley is guaranteed’.

— Tami

Honour The Valley

With more than 189 thousand followers on Instagram, she leads a community of people who appreciate her honesty and authenticity. So when she decided to write her first book, she knew she’d have an audience. “Because of my long epistles and captions, I know that they’re people out there who want information like this, and so I decided to start with the easiest thing for me which was honouring the valley and learning to do that, and sharing what that looks like for me,” she said.

Tami admits that one of her deepest Valleys was when she found out she was pregnant with her second child, and wasn’t mentally prepared

“A valley space is a sure thing for anybody whether you are successful or not, whether you are happy or not, whether you are rich or poor, the valley is guaranteed,” she added.

The book

The book is a five step process that aims to help readers get out of their valleys, while Tami shares her journey in a conversational and friendly tone. It also contains activities that encourages readers to start taking those steps. All of this is succinctly placed on nine pages.

“I said what I had to say. I was not caught up on making it a long book or a short book, I just said this is where I want to share my process-really I should just call it my process. I had no intention to try fluff it up, make it a bigger book because books are supposed to be long, and I myself have a very short attention span, so I like when books get to the point,” Tami said.

“I said what I had to say”

Adding that the book is free for download by clicking the link on her Instagram page.

The ultimate gratification

For Tami, the ultimate gratification would be knowing that she helped someone learn how to honour their valleys. “I just hope that people will realize that this is a part of life. That nothing is happening to you, more so than anyone else. Life is the meaning you put to it, and this book is asking you what is the meaning you’re putting to your life in this moment,” she said

Tami wants to help you get through your Valley

When you find yourself going through a Valley, Tami advises; “It’s a really important time to not curse anything, but instead ask important questions. What is this here to teach me? what can I learn from this? why am I here again? who do I need to forgive?,” she said.