Tami Chin Mitchell shares love for ‘mom bod’ after three kids

Everyone talks about dad bods but what about mom bods? 

Tami Chin Mitchell says her body has undergone many changes after giving birth to her three children with Wayne Marshall.

Tami Chin Mitchell recently dished on her Instagram account (IG) about what it is like to have a “mom bod”.

Chin Mitchell explained that her body had dramatically changed after having three children.

“Sure, things aren’t where they used to be, cellulite and stretch marks riddle my legs, folds and flaps cause sweat in places you shouldn’t sweat and my tummy is certainly not the picture of perfection according to some standards,” she said.

Tami Chin Mitchell with the father of her children, artiste Wayne Marshall.

However, the singer turned businesswoman said she was still proud of her body. 

 “I love it because it is my home, my vessel on this earth. I love it because it takes me places. It metabolises the food I love to eat. It breathes, it bounces, it basks in oceans. It gives and receives love, it dances, it stays still, it bends, it breaks, it stands strong,” said Chin Mitchell on Instagram.

Chin went on to explain that she, like other moms, is often on the receiving end of comments that, while well-intentioned, are a bit insensitive.

“When you’re a mom, almost all compliments towards your body are ended with “especially for having (x amount of) kids,” explained Chin Mitchell.

“I realise that there are never any harmful intentions behind this comment and I appreciate the encouragement within the statement.”

Chin Mitchell also used the occasion to encourage women to embrace their bodies.