Tanaania to reconnect with YouTube pals, talks reconciling with Quite Perry

There is hope for the return of Jamaica’s iconic Youtube trio

Social media influencer Tanaania Tracey, whose Youtube popularity came as a featured friend on the channels of Quite Perry and Rushcam, recently spoke on the status of her relationship with the former on the Sim Soul Sessions show.

“We’ve mended it,” Tracey started. “It took us some time and I have to say that if I had probably let go of a lot of my ego earlier out we would have probably mended it before now… I can tell you when I’m wrong, I know when I’m wrong and I was wrong.”

The openness made host Simone Clarke Cooper emotional, who made a confession of her own.

“It makes me emotional only because I’ve been talking to one of the trio and he would really love to talk to you and that’s all I’m going to tell you,” she said. “Everybody would love to see you guys get back to where you were and that could be a thing that happens as well as it could not but I’m just passing on the message. He said, ‘Sim, if you sit with her, tell her’. Rush, I’m passing it on just as you give it to me.”

Tracey responded, “Thank you, I appreciate it.”

Rushcam was featured on the show three months ago.

The rise of the trio

Collaborative videos of Perry and Rushcam which featured Tracey aided in the growth of their channels and popularity in the local Youtube space in 2019.

From doing challenges like letting the person before them decide what they eat, to spicy mukbangs and vlog shenanigans, subscribers were welcomed to the hilarious world and synergy among the friends.

Tracey was then encouraged by the men to start her own channel and they helped her transition by appearing in some videos and teaching her how to edit. They suddenly stopped filming together for reasons they chose to keep private.

Speaking to BUZZ last year, Perry said, “I think people grew to love the connection because they saw themselves in each of us and to some extent it was just a fun escape from their everyday life. It brought people in a little more into our friendship, as we manoeuvred both life and the Youtube space.”

Perry and Tracey noticeably reconnected this a year ago as fans noticed that they were following each other again on social media and snapping each other at events. Perry also confirmed their reconciliation in a recent ‘life update’ video and spoke on the demise of his friendship with Rushcam.

“Likkle detective work coulda show yuh seh certain schweppes nah go down,” he said. “Yeah, we’re no longer friends. I feel like one, life is funny. Life just moves in different directions and much like you guys in your lives, unno move on from a lot of people or a lot of people grow apart… I just think that’s a natural process in life.”