Tanya Stephens mourns death of childhood friend

Stephens’ childhood friend Viviene Davis.

Reggae veteran Tanya Stephens is in mourning following the death of her high school classmate Viviene Davis.

Davis and Stephens attended the St Mary High School together, graduating in 1989.

In an Instagram post aimed as a tribute, Stephens shared that Davis had worked tirelessly to keep the St Mary High School class of 1989 together.

Stephens shared that she and Davis met in the fourth form had been friends ever since.

The artiste also used the occasion to thank Davis for her her decades of friendship, growth and sisterhood.

“Today I choose to focus on all the happiness I felt in her presence. We first met in 4th form of St. Mary High School, her being a US transplant with the deep accent that she fought and got rid of to chop up the worst Patois. The face I cannot remember doing anything but laughing,” said Stephens as she paid tribute to Davis

“The adult that became the glue which refused to let our group fall apart, and we moved from being classmates/schoolmates to being a family. Whether on her living room floor drunk and talking pure crap, or at reunions laughing about childhood crushes and eating some of the wickedest food which she most often singlehandedly prepared…she is engraved on my brain as a ball of energy. If you don’t remember her you simply never met her, because she would have fed you and made you laugh uncontrollably. This is how I will remember until we have the next reunion in another life,” Stephens added.