Tanya Stephens tries to twerk as she celebrates her 48th birthday

Singer/songwriter Tanya Stephens celebrated her 48th birthday on Friday (July 2) and there were the expected booze and grown folks shenanigans.

What was an unusual sight was the artist twerking which was captured by a troublesome Mr Lexx. 

The deejay shared a video of Stephens with the title “watch drunk” as she spoke to her friends with a glass of red wine in hand.

“It’s her birthday an she a try wine,” he wrote.

Stephens, dressed in white trousers and a white T-shirt, didn’t make it to a mid-bend before she discarded her first attempt. 

“It a move too fast,” she said, not in reference to her derrière but the Vybz Kartel Cya Test We track which played in the background. Take two. 

“A weh yaa do?” Lexx asked as Stephens held on to one knee and tried to twerk. The second attempt was also short-lived with her legs doing most of the shaking. 

Most social media users flooded the comments with laughing emojis, with a few calling Lexx out for capturing Stephens in a potentially trolling moment.

Based on her distance from the opinions of others, Stephens didn’t seem to mind. She too, shared a video with Lexx which saw him feeding her nuts. 

She also went Live twice on her big day from her home in St Mary where the celebration took place. Under the influence of wine, vodka and vibes, Stephens gave her own rendition of a birthday speech

“48 feels just like 47 and 47 felt just like 46 which felt like 45 which felt like 44,” she started  “It’s a trick, run. Turn back, don’t come this way. Your body gets old and you’re still the same f**king kid in primary school… There’s no such thing as adulthood, just old bodies. Some kids trapped in old bodies… Run, get out.”

In a more serious address, she said, “Guys thank you so much for making the last year of my life so beautiful. It has been a learning experience and I could not do it without you… I swear a nuh speech but I appreciate even the downtimes and I spent most of the last year depressed but it was still a learning experience and I enjoyed it and I spent it with you.”