Tarrus Riley pays tribute to dad, Jimmy Riley, five years after his passing

Tarrus Riley was in a sentimental mood Monday night as he reminisced on the life and times he spent with his father, the late reggae great Jimmy Riley.

Tarrus Riley

The elder Riley died five years ago, which Tarrus relayed was the saddest day in his life. “On this day March 24 2016 I watched my Father breathe his last breath The Saddest Day in My Life and One of the Darkest places I’ve ever been in my soul to this day,” he wrote on Instagram.

The Lighter artiste however said his dad had a major impact on his life, “I give thanks today for the lessons He taught me throughout life. Especially during his last days on earth..he made it his duty to Remind me BE BRAVE..BE STRONG…Have Fun..Follow ur Heart… DON’T OVER THINK..Leave Space for GOOD/BLESSINGS to walk in ur LIFE. n Live every moment like a WINNER..cause when it’s game over it’s GAME OVER.”

Through it all, he remarked that he and his dad had a real connection. “I am blessed to be able to say My Fadda was my friend. We would Celebrate as Friends Hang out friends even argue as Friends..Real connection..TaiME FLYS FAST IF U CARE ABOUT SUM1 EXPRESS IT ASAP MISSING DEM IS DA WORST..Again I am blessed to have known My Father and Me and him have a real Energy Unfortunately it’s not a common thing in our society today.”

Tarrus indicated that he will continue working to make his father proud.