#TechTuesdays: Use two cameras at once with DoubleTake

Ever wanted to use more than one iPhone camera at once? Well, now you can… for free. FiLMiC’s new app leverages Apple’s chips to deliver multi-camera shooting.

You can select any two cameras and modes from the multi-cam screen. (Photo: FiLMiC)

Apple demonstrated multi-camera support at its iPhone 11 unveiling last September. Apple brought app developer FiLMiC on stage and showcased their new multi-camera video capture app. The app demo showcased what FiLMiC had accomplished with Apple’s processing prowess, video recording on more than one camera. The work wasn’t final, but now, the company is ready to showcase its work with a new app.

FiLMiC recently launched DoubleTake; a free app that allows users to shoot with two cameras at once.

Picture-In-Picture Mode. (Photo: FiLMiC)

The app is available for iPhones and iPads alike, but there’s bad news for older iDevice users. Multi-camera support is only available on the iPhone XS/XS Max and XR and the iPhone 11 series devices. So, if you want multi-camera video recording, you must fork out the cash for a newer device if you’ve been holding out.

The DoubleTake app is relatively easy to use. On the main screen, there are four icons, along with a handy histogram for better video exposure. The camera selector shows a grid of all the phone’s available cameras. You can only use two simultaneously. 

Image result for DoubleTake app

So, what are the use cases for this app? Well, the answer is quite broad. The app has a few modes that may come in handy. Think of a vlogger who’s in a pinch and only has a smartphone. He or she could use Picture-In-Picture mode and overlay their selfie camera on top of a rear camera for an interesting shot.

Podcasters could use “Split Screen Composite Mode” and show side-by-side clips in an interview. Journalists could leverage any of the “Discrete Modes” and use either two rear cameras or a combination of the front and a rear camera to capture videos at once. Additionally, the app can fuse composite clips like in PIP mode or record the videos separately.

Split Screen Mode with rear and front-facing cameras. (Photo: FiLMiC)

The DoubleTake App records 1080p videos at 24, 25 and 30 fps. FiLMiC utilises a new multi-camera video recording API (Application programming interface) baked into iOS 13’s. The API supports a maximum resolution of 1080p, probably to keep the device from melting. However, as Apple continually produces top-notch chips, simultaneous 4K video recording may not be far away.

Apple has come a long way with its iPhone cameras. The devices offer (arguably) the best photo and video experience on any smartphone. Instead of hauling around a specialised camera, users can fire up their camera and capture moments in time. Now, improvements in Apple’s architecture allow applications to harness processing power for multi-cam recording.

Split Screen with Wide and Tele-photo cameras. (Photo: FiLMiC)

FiLMiC also makes a FiLMiC Pro app that costs US$14.99 on the App Store. It has more premium features like 4K video recording, pre-sets, manual audio control and more. FiLMiC Pro will get multi-camera video recording in the future. For now, the free DoubleTake app is a fun, legitimately useful tool that leverages powerful technology.