Terri-Karelle uses social media to build her brand

Dr Terri-Karelle Reid often captivates her audience with engaging content.

Popular event host and TV personality Dr Terri-Karelle Reid was introduced to the world in 2005 after she won the Miss Jamaica World beauty pageant.

Since then, she has carved out a name and reputation for herself, not only in the corporate world but also on social media. Mastering the platform, it is safe to call her a social media personality.

“I consider them a virtual family as opposed to fans or followers.”

— Terri-Karelle

“I have just simply taken the time to build a captive audience that I understand and create valuable content for. I actively listen and add value to my community wherever I can,” Terri told BUZZ.

Terr-Karelle says she listens to her audience.

Virtual family

With more than 200,000 followers on Instagram and in excess of 29,000 on Twitter, Terri says she values her growing online family.

“Their thoughts, feelings and actions are important to me. I consider them a virtual family as opposed to fans or followers,” she said.

Though she doesn’t claim to be an expert at social media, Terri understands the value of the platform to her brand as a speaker.

“My high engagement, mobilisation of my community members and exponential growth across various platforms have been noticed by organisations and individuals who in turn invite me to speak about leveraging social media to build personal and professional brands,” she told BUZZ.

Terr-Karelle often shares her experience of using social media for brand building.

Visit Singapore

Such high engagement recently landed Terri the opportunity to travel to Singapore to share a presentation on the topic ‘Leveraging Social Media As A Thought Leader’ at an event hosted by Classroom Without Walls.

“The organiser had been following me on LinkedIn and was impressed by how my personal and professional brand stood out,” Terri said.

Apart from Terri’s title as host on television entertainment show Digicel Rising Stars, what enticed her followers was her authenticity.

“They understand that I am not pressured to be or act like anyone I am not. I speak my truth every day, and I encourage others to do the same,” she said.

While she engages her audience, Terri-Karelle says her privacy is important.

Private person

And although she uses social media to build her brand and she engages with her audience frequently, Terri noted that it is important to still maintain a certain level of privacy.

“You aren’t obligated to share anything you don’t want to.”

— Terri-Karelle

“I am generally a private person. I like my privacy, and I think it is important to choose wisely what we choose to share on public platforms,” she said.

Terri also gave a word of advice to other users of social media platforms who might feel such pressured to overshare.

“Get comfortable knowing that you aren’t obligated to share anything you don’t want to. Don’t be disillusioned by social media. Treat it as if it’s your house; not everyone is invited, some stay at the gate, some may come inside, but never go further than the living room,” she concluded.