Tessanne Chin celebrates one year wedding anniversary

It’s already been a year Tessanne Chin wed her boo, Brandon Crooks, and the Hideaway singer took Instagram to express her undying love for the man she calls her “treasure”.

Posting a photo from their wedding day, Tessanne wrote, “My Bran,
Our love is home, it’s easy, safe, and true. Our love is steady, it’s consistent, respectful, honest, and kind.

“Thank you for loving me without conditions or restrictions, thank you for the kind of love that has freed me to just be, allowing me to grow and change and evolve. Thank you for our beautiful girl !!!.”

Tessanne was previously married to broadcaster, Michael Anthony Cuffe Jr, for four years before they divorced in 2015. She revealed to her followers that she had moved on last year when she announced her pregnancy. She posted a photo of a glittery pair of pink baby shoes on Instagram with herself and a man kissing in the distance.

Tessanne soon revealed the identity of her new boo and satisfied the curiosity of her fans.

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“So much has happened in this first year of our marriage and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the life we have created together B, You are my treasure my Love and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us ❤️ I love you @bcrooks876 #HappyAnniversary #1Year #LovingYouIsEasy #ThankYouGod #WontHeDoIt #Restoration #LoveLiberates #SteadyCarriage #Lifetimes,” she continued.