Tessanne Chin reveals she’s a voice teacher

Tessanne Chin poses with her trophy after winning The Voice in 2013

Earlier this week, singer Tessanne Chin shared that she wants to be more open about her life, and now the artist has revealed that she’s a voice teacher.

Chin shared the news in a series of Instagram Stories on Wednesday night.

“For the past year and a half I’ve been teaching voice and it’s been something that has brought me so much joy and it has been incredibly gratifying but also fun to be able to step into that space,” she said. “Back in 2018, I did a vocal pedagogy course and I was just so fascinated with learning about what makes our voice do what it does and how we sing and our technique and the science behind it and it led me to kinda having this interest in being able to teach other people what an incredible instrument we have.”

Chin teaches a broad age group but mostly children.

“I love that and that’s probably why it brings me so much joy because you can’t have a bad time with them little kiddies around singing… Then I have some students who are teens and some adults and it’s just been an incredible experience for me. It has brought me a different sense of purpose… It makes me light up.

As she’s still navigating the online sharing culture, she said, “Let me know if that is something that you guys would be interested in hearing more of or seeing more of… Just giving y’all an update because this is the space to share, right?”

The venture doesn’t mean she has put her recording career on the backburner.

“I’m always going to sing and I’m always going to release music. That part of me will never fade, that part of me will always be it’s just I’m using my gifts in a different way.”