That’s how it’s done: Serena Williams’s husband turns pandemic into business opportunity

Serena Williams with husband, Alexis Ohanian (Photo: Business Insider)

Some people have used the coronavirus pandemic to create, or innovate within their existing business, and Serena Williams’s husband Alexis Ohanian is one of those people.

Ohanian revealed that he has been doing business profitably even in these times in an Instagram Live. He is earning through his hair salon when he is not fulfilling his dad duties. His Naza Beauty, face hardships after they were offered closed to curb the spread of the virus, but Ohanian found a way to still make money.

The salon started offering tutorials on zoom to help their clients get their desired haircut in these arduous times where opportunities for the same are very less and expensive too.

He said the idea was immensely successful. People eventually got attracted to the idea. That’s how they discovered success.

“They sold out in the first 24 hours but was something they did in order to basically keep their stylists working, using Zoom, and to be able to give them opportunities to help women if they’re interested because you know we’ve been self-quarantining for a while. To be able to do these at-home haircuts isn’t the same as the full salon experience but it’s really clever.” he said.

Ohanian didn’t say what this meant for business going forward, but as long he continues to make that money, he should be good.