The 10 worst guys to date

Don’t let bedroom eyes fool you, we know that not all men are created equal. Some are simply not good boyfriend material and should be left either on the shelf or maybe just be the guy you can hang with once in a while.

It may seen like roses and glitter but there are often warning signs for a man who’s just not right for you.

Some men are just not cut out for relationships so save yourself the headaches and eventual heartbreak expecting them to grow up and be grounded.

 Here’s a list of men we suggest you stay far from:

1. Mr ‘I still have feelings for my ex’: The minute she smiles in his direction, he will go running right back to her. Save yourself the box of Kleenex and keep him at arm’s length.

If he says he still has feelings for his ex, there’s only one way this will end.

2. The serial dater: If you meet a man that changes girlfriends every few weeks, keep it moving.

3. Mr ‘I love you ….but I think your friend is hot’: Not only will he be hit on your friends but he has not respect for you to be trying to mess around in your backyard.

4. The uncommitted: If you cannot make any long-term plans with the guy then what is the point?

If he’s not open to making long-term plans, he already has one. And it doesn’t involve you.

5. The woman beater: If he puts his hands on you even once, that’s it.

6. The cheater: He did not mean to slip and fall into her vagina but these things do happen, you know.

7. The flirt: Especially if he flirts IN FRONT of you as though you are not even there.  

8. The narcissist: If he is interested only in sharing his opinions, hearing himself speak, and looking it his reflection, he wants a mirror not a partner.

You can love yourself a little, or even a lot. But if he seems incapable of giving love and attention to anyone other than himself…run.

9. The know-it-all: If he has to correct your grammar and constantly remind you he has more degrees than a thermometer, he is not the man for you.

10. The married man: This shouldn’t need to be said but here goes…he’s  not going to leave his wife for you.