The Chilly Witch from Montego Bay cast spells on diets with Ice Cream and Sorbet

The Chilly Witch from Montego Bay has no relation to the notorious White Witch of Rose Hall. This one loves all things Halloween and her friend’s husband called her (jokingly she thinks) – a witch.

Chilly Witch proseco flavour in the ‘Toops size’ (Photo: Gabrielle Burges)

Her personal Instagram name is ‘Nickywitch’, so when she was looking for an original name for her preservative-free ice cream and sorbet business, a friend in the UK suggested Chilly Witch. The name stuck! Better yet, she had no issues registering the name as a business.

Who is the Chilly Witch?

The Chilly Witch is Nicky Williams, a journalist by trade originally from London who married a Jamaican man and came to live in Montego Bay in 2004. She is a documented citizen of Jamaica and now passionately solely makes ice Cream and sorbet, enjoying the accessibility of our local produce to make them.

Chilly Witch strawberry ice cream (Photo: Instagram @chillywitch876)

When and how did she start selling ice Cream and sorbet?

Chilly Witch’s matcha blend ice cream (Photo: Instagram @chillywitch876)

Nicky simply had too many mangoes and did not know what to do with them. She started making ice cream and sorbet for dessert at dinner parties, since she claims she is not so good in the kitchen. Friends said that she should start selling her delightful desserts and so she did, about four years ago.

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Which Chilly Witch desserts are the people’s favourites?

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The Kingstonians enjoy the coffee and maple with salted pecan mostly. The Montegonians prefer the vegan chocolate and vegan coconut and ginger, both made with coconut milk.

What is the Chilly Witch’s personal favourite?

The lime and basil sorbet.

Chilly Witch lime and basil sorbet (Photo: Instagram @chillywitch876)

Chilly Witch has a variety of flavours, making it hard to choose, but take advantage of that dilemma by ordering the ‘toop size’, which is approximately 4 ounces if you wish to sample or just have no self-control. If you have no portion concerns, you have the options of ordering the pint or quart sizes.

Chilly Witch packaging options (Photo: Instagram @chillywitch876)

Other flavours that may hit the spot are the prosecco sorbet and for ice cream, the strawberry, apple pie, the liptingler that is chocolate seasoned with scotch bonnet and the matcha, premium grade creamy, rich and smooth green tea.

Chilly Witch liptingler sorbet (Photo: Instagram @chillywitch876)

Lactose intolerant? Not to worry. Chilly Witch uses another Jamaican product – Ruby Goat dairy milk – that is naturally low in lactose, very silky in texture and has zero tang in the milk even though it is from the goat.

What makes Chilly Witch sorbet and ice cream so special?

Chilly Witch’s sorbet and ice creams are rich in flavour. The flavours are distinct without being overwhelming and that balance is unique. Chilly Witch achieves this unique balance with sheer perseverance. Nicky chooses flavours according to their season and manufactures in small batches to control portions, especially with ingredients that vary from the tree with intense flavours such as lime and scotch bonnet.

Assortment of flavours from Chilly Witch (Photo: Instagram @chillywitch876)

Where can you purchase Chilly Witch ice cream and sorbet?

Chilly Witch coffee ice cream (Photo: Instagram @chillywitch876)

Chilly Witch currently supplies hotels in Negril and distributes to Hopewell, Hanover by direct sales. A Chilly Witch facility is currently in the works, which will be located in Montego Bay.

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— Written by Gabrielle Burgess