The force of Patrice White

Fitness trainer Patrice White

“Come come, give me four more. You can do it, man!” 

Patrice White hovered over her client as he reluctantly did as he was instructed. She cheerfully high fived, and congratulated him, and then moved him on to the next set of exercises as if he didn’t look like he was about to die a minute ago.

White, instructing her client

“We have to kill fat, how you ago kill fat, you can’t kill fat by being soft.” she vehemently told BUZZ.

We cautiously agreed. 

The fitness trainer, known for radical approach to exercise, is owner of The Dynamic Lifestyle fitness studio. Here, White transforms lives.

White standing outside her fitness studio

The realm of machines, tires, sweat, and short breathing, that she now proudly presides over, was birthed out of her own fitness journey. 

“I started struggling after childbirth to lose the baby fat. I was very insecure about how my body looked, especially my tummy. Two years after I gave birth I did liposuction,”

“I tried every diet that exists, the diet worked, but I never developed a lifestyle. So as soon as I go back to my normal life, the weight comes back,” she said. 

It all started with a change of mindset

“In 2015, I decided that I was gonna change my mindset where lifestyle is concerned. I started studying some different training styles, putting together how it is that I wanted to be trained, and started learning about nutrition. I put together those and created my own style of training, and not only did the weight start coming off, it stayed off, and then I started falling in love with training,” she continued. 

Fitness is a journey

White chronicled her fitness journey on social media and gained a huge following. Pretty soon, people started coming to her for advice, and the quick-thinking businesswoman turned her lifestyle into a business. 

She went on to receive certifications in personal training, group training, Tabata training, and basic nutrition education. 

Growing fitness industry

And since she started transforming lives, White has amassed a large clientele which includes high profile Jamaicans and celebrities. 

“The fitness industry is a very big industry and it keeps growing, everybody is trying to lose weight somehow. You have to always ensure that you are on top of your game, on top of your craft,” she said. 

“When you sign up to train with me, I control your life,”

— White

White told BUZZ that the success of her own fitness journey, not only allows her to be able to relate to the struggles of her clients but inspires her to believe that success is possible with her clients too.

“The dynamic lifestyle is a mixture of how I train myself. For some of my female clients, they might not be able to go as hardcore as I go in the gym, but for my stronger females, I push them as how I train myself. And for my men, well, I’m really harder on my men,” she said, grinning. 

White admits that she does train her men a little harder

“I do a mixture of the tires, the sledgehammers, the battle hoops, the ball slams. I do the weight for the sculpting, I do the hip routines, and then I’m a runner, so everybody who comes to my studio, end up running,” she said, when asked about the type of exercises she offers.


Once you are under the training of Patrice White, then be prepared to give up more than just an hour out of your day.

“When you sign up to train with me, I control your life, until I can trust you to make the right decisions on your own. I need to know what you are eating, what you are doing outside the studio,” she said.

“Trainers weren’t able to kill fat with me because they couldn’t control me. If they said a ten mi fi do, and mi seh a only eight mi can do, a it dat. They had  a laid back approach,” she said.

White’s mission: To kill fat

In the end, White explained that her aggression, and uncompromising approach, are effects of her unbridled passion for fitness, for transforming the lifestyles of her clients, and for her business. 

“I have had clients that come to me with their lazy attitude, they want the results, but they don’t want to do the work. They complain left, right and centre, and they eat crap left right and centre, no matter what I do, so they had to leave,” she said.